About Us

Efe Raki ventured upon raki production facility works in 2002 following the abolishment of the government monopoly on the production and sales of distilled liquors in our country.  

Efe Raki first met the consumers in Germany in August of 2004 and later in Turkey. Within the first 6 months, Efe Raki reached a successful sales rate beyond expectations when all of the production was sold out.

Upon receiving such appreciation in the market, the annual production capacity was increased from 5 million liters to 15 million liters as of 2005 in order to meet the increasing demand.

Correct brand positioning, consistent marketing and defined promotional strategies also plays a great role in the current success of Efe Raki along with consumer’s appreciation. Efe Raki, meeting consumers as a brand new product in a market where habits are highly deep-rooted, has accomplished creating a loyal customer group despite the compelling structure of the market. Reaching out to more consumers with its unique taste is included in the future marketing strategies of Efe Raki.

The innovations brought to the sector by Efe Raki regarding consumer safety are among the privileges which are adopted by its competitors and which make Efe Raki unique. Following the tragic consequences unearthed by the alcohol scandal that took place in our country, Efe Raki introduced many innovations to the sector in terms of bottle security. Ball-type caps which are impossible to forge thanks to its security system were first developed by Efe Raki. The red tape which appears when the bottle is opened and does not disappear when closed back is another security measure. In addition, the laser-printed production code and the hologram label are included among other security measures. Such applications constantly emphasize how consumer safety is important to Efe Raki.

In the raki market, where only sales took place and no marketing activities were conducted for years, Efe Raki leads the way embracing an innovative vision. Putting its heart and soul into reviving raki culture and keeping it alive in our country, Efe Raki continues developing new products in order to contribute in this culture.