Produced in a single production facility by experienced experts and with ISO assurance, Efe Raki guarantees the same taste in every bottle


Efe Raki works with great diligence in all processes so as to attain high quality raki. The methods adopted by Efe Raki such as picking the best quality grapes of Anatolia, brewing the wort in the right way, selecting the highest quality anises and using mineral-balanced waters supplied from natural spring waters emphasize how quality is important to Efe Raki.

The production processes of Efe Raki is performed paying regard to hygiene and quality principles in all stages. Before stocking anise seeds, foreign materials are carefully cleaned out; later, they are stored in a hygienic storage isolated from external effects so that anise seeds can preserve their extract. A fully automated system that operates based on traditional recipes yet minimizes human error is adopted in order to establish a perfectly operational production process. The raki derived from the production is mellowed for 30 days for a smoother taste.

Using “Guala” cap preferred by the world’s giant liquor companies, Efe Raki emphasize how consumer safety and innovative approach are important to Efe Raki. Production details are laser-printed on the packaging, bottle and cap of the product at the same time; and these printings are impossible to erase or forge.

Efe Raki works for creating long-awaited raki pleasures and producing raki that is consumed with confidence and in high spirits.