Efe Raki uses dried/fresh grapes picked across several regions of Turkey and the best quality Aegean Region anise seeds when producing raki. 

The production starts with cleaning out dried/fresh grapes. The dried grapes processed into unfermented grape juice are first pasteurized and then fermented. Thus the alcoholic liquid formation begins. The alcoholic liquid is distilled in the columnar distillation unit and processed into suma. The suma stored is distilled again with anise seeds in traditional copper alembics.

The raki produced as a result of the fractional distillation in traditional copper alembics (middle section) has high concentration of alcohol and called as “core”. This section is diluted with mineral-balanced water supplied from natural spring waters in order to produce a palatable alcohol. Different raki products are flavored according to their recipes since each brand of Efe Raki has its own unique recipe and alcohol concentration.

The maturation of raki is promoted with aeration in all stages of production.